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Resting Deeply

Resetting Your Nervous System and Building Resilience


Do you crave rest, really, deep rest, feeling health-full, having the resilience to weather life without exhausting yourself for the next week...


When it comes to rest, we are chronically malnourished. Our modern lifestyles leave our nervous systems frazzled, fried, exhausted, overwhelmed...


"In our pursuit to have it all – we surpass the whole point of life: Which is to feel good. Really, really good. Alive. Joyful. Juicy." Kylian Martin 


Like fields that lay fallow in winter to provide fertile soil for nourishing seeds in spring, we need rest to build up our physical, mental and spiritual energy reserves to help our lives bloom and flourish.  


Join me for a 6 week exploration of Resting Deeply: Resetting Your Nervous System and Building Resilience. We’ll come together for 90 minutes/week to release tensions, ground ourselves and learn how to truly rest for better health and improved mood.

The Details: This Series is set up for 6 classes, but you have 8 Sundays to choose from over the length of the Series. Everyone MUST attend the first class for orientation purposes. (Contact me if this doesn't work for you.)

Classes meet at 

Wear layers as you may warm up during some of the more active portions of class and cool down during the more restorative portion of class. You may also want to bring a blanket.

I will have all of your equipment for you at the first class. 

Investment: $175 includes 6 – 90 minute classes, and a large yoga bolster, Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball products, a yoga block & a yoga sandbag to encourage you to continue your practice at home.


If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? Consider this an investment in self-care and loving yourself.

$175.00 for 6 Week Series

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