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Assisted Stretching

Muscle and Joint Pain? Stiff and Sore? Difficulty performing daily activities or recreational activities?

Assisted Stretching might be just the thing you need to help you feel better and move better in your body!

With 25 years of experience as a Physical Therapist, I've developed a Full Body Assisted Stretch program that addresses all the common tight areas in the body that can limit our ability to move around and may be contributing to out everyday pains. 

Assisted Stretching is a part of a larger program you are investing in for your health. Physical change in our tissues and nervous system only occur with repetition and consistency. In between sessions (I recommend 7-10 days), your body is resetting and adjusting to the changes it made during the previous session. I typically see the best results when we work together a minimum of 3 times - this allows for enough change that you notice a difference and allows your nervous system to integrate that change. Following the first 3 sessions, I invite your body to a longer reset time (2-4 weeks) and then, if you're interested, we can continue with another 3 sessions.

I'm not your ordinary manual therapist.

I only work with people who are committed to their health + to making change.


45 minute Assisted Stretching Sessions $75

Online booking here

What to Expect:

You will remain clothed, though I may request access to your skin. Ideal is leggings/sweatpants and a t-shirt, though loose fitting clothing also works. I will begin at your feet and, using a combination of passive stretching, soft tissue manipulation and Thai bodywork techniques, I will work my way from joint to joint from the bottom of the feet to the top of your head! 



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