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Pre-Natal Body Balancing


It’s all about creating space and minimizing tension in mama’s body so baby can go where baby needs to go! Whether you are experiencing pain, want to encourage baby to move to a more optimal position or just want to stack the cards in your favor for an easier birth, with Pre-Natal Body Balancing, we work to create space and decrease tension through a mindful movement practice and hands on work throughout your pregnancy to optimize your chances for the birth you desire. After birth, Post-Natal Bodywork is a nice way to help decrease pain from the work of labor and birth and helps to gently and safely get your body moving to promote optimal recovery. See the video below for a preview!


60 minute Pre-Natal Body Balancing Session $100

Online Booking here

What to Expect:

You will remain clothed, though I may request access to your skin. Ideal is leggings

and a tank top, though loose fitting clothing also works.

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