Intuitive Bodywork

As an Intuitive Bodyworker, I use myofascial, craniosacral and visceral techniques,

listening + responding to what your body tells me.

When I place my hands on your head, your body energy pulls me in the direction it needs my help. 

I listen + I offer support. Your body does the healing. 

I'm not your ordinary manual therapist.

I only work with women who are committed to their health + to making change.

I do not offer single sessions of Intuitive Bodywork any longer as I believe

change can only happen with time + your wholehearted commitment.

As a Specialty Bodywork, Intuitive Bodywork is offered with a minimum commitment of three (3) sessions.



Intuitive Bodywork Sessions

Online Booking available here or call 320.354.YOGA

What to Expect:

You will remain clothed throughout the treatment, though I may request access to your abdomen. Yoga pants or stretchy pants and a tee shirt, tank top or sports bra works best.