Post-Natal Bodywork

You've just performed the most powerful physical and emotional feat of your life and you're feeling every single bit of it! Restore your body and soul with post-natal bodywork to help you relax, reduce sore muscles and help you get back in your body. 

These appointments are for bodywork only. If we determine that you would benefit from Women's Health Physical Therapy, please click here to schedule.


90 minute Bodywork session

90 Minute Post-Natal Session Schedule here

120 minute Bodywork session

2 Hour Post-Natal Session Schedule here

What to Expect:

You will remain clothed, though I will request access to your abdomen. Yoga pants or stretchy pants and a tee shirt, tank top or sports bra works best. Baby is welcome to be on you and/or close by. 



Is it safe to receive bodywork during the Covid-19 pandemic?

As a frontline healthcare worker, I have received my covid-19 vaccinations. Additionally, I adhere to all public health guidelines including wearing an N-95 mask, washing + sanitizing my hands frequently, and monitoring my temperature and health daily. I also work hard to keep myself healthy with nutrition, vitamins, exercise, fresh air and sunshine!

Please contact me with any questions at 320.354.YOGA