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Exhausted? Burnt Out? In Pain?
Short tempered? Can't sleep? Gaining weight?

Living a life that doesn't feel like your own?


When you understand why your body is stuck in fight or flight and never has a chance to rest and repair, you stop blaming yourself for a lack of willpower and start working with your biology to heal and optimize your health.

While hands on work is an important part of this program, the health of your nervous system is equally important.


Nervous system care includes addressing stress and stress management techniques, helping your body come out of sympathetic fight or

flight states into deeply healing parasympathetic rest and digest states.

This is a comprehensive program designed to support your body's natural ability to heal.


Your commitment to reducing stressors and working on your stress response,

in addition to performing follow up care with me and at home is imperative to healing.

Start your transformation to better physical, mental + emotional health.

Use the Drop Down Menu under the Stress Management Tab for more information about healing your relationship with stress including bodywork, coaching + movement therapy

Couple Meditating

Using research backed neuroscience techniques, I help people just like you feel better, sleep better and perform better.

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