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Pelvic Steaming


Pelvic or vaginal Steaming is also known as V-Steaming or Yoni Steaming and is an ancient practice for women's health. Traditionally, vaginal steaming was used in the post-partum time to help the new mother replenish the heat she lost during pregnancy and the birthing process. Restoring heat in the post-partum period was essential for the promotion of healing in the new mother and also for preventing health problems in the later years of life. In the modern era, some cultures still use vaginal steaming for women's health issues. We typically see the Eastern cultures, with a more holistic view on health and wellness, using vaginal steaming to promote health and well being. 

With a renewed interest in more traditional practices, vaginal steaming has made it's way into more mainstream culture. In the United States, there are Korean Spas where vaginal steaming has been performed for years. Other spa type settings have begun to incorporate vaginal steaming into their menu of services. Vaginal steaming has become "a thing" on both the East and West Coasts and is slowly making it's way to Middle America. 

If you suffer from painful periods, short cycles, irregular cycles, have fibroids, suffer from vaginal dryness or just don't bleed bright red every month, vaginal steaming may be helpful for you. I ALWAYS recommend that you talk with your doctor about any issues you have with your menstrual cycle, but if you have seen a physician and they have told you that there is nothing wrong, it's just the way you are, vaginal steaming is a low risk, low cost way to take your menstrual health into your own hands! Your initial vaginal steaming appointment will help determine what blend of herbs will best help you and we will discuss the recommended frequency and duration of your steams to help you meet your health and wellness goals.

But, you don't have to be a menstruating woman or have any problems with your period to benefit from vaginal steaming! Our uteruses are the centers of our femininity, creativity and life force. In a society that values productivity and power over peace and empathy, women in general are just plain burnt out. Vaginal steaming is a way to re-connect with the life giving energy that is our divine feminine heritage. It is an act of self-care and self-love.

Benefits of vaginal steaming that you might experience:

*regular periods

*shorter periods

*less painful periods

*feeling more connected to your true self

*enhanced fertility

*improved lubrication

*lessened pelvic pain

*improved creativity

*better sleep

Initial Vaginal Steaming Consultation:

45 minutes that includes a consultation + short steam with an herbal blend specific to your needs $65

Online booking for your initial steam here

Follow Up Vaginal Steams:

30 minutes with your unique herbal blend $45

Online booking for your follow up steams here

For even more potency, consider following your v-steam with an abdominal massage!  

Contraindications to Vaginal Steaming:

*active bleeding

*if you are actively trying to conceive, no steaming for the first two weeks following ovulation


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