Bodywork Descriptions

Hot Stone Relaxation Massage:

Swedish and Esalen massage techniques are used to help relax muscles and your state of mind. Some deeper work is performed on areas of tightness and hot stones are used to facilitate the relaxation response.

Ayurvedic Head Massage:

This massage focuses entirely on the head, face, neck and shoulders and is performed entirely with you lying on your back. Ayurvedic Marma points and Healing Touch techniques, along with gentle massage techniques, heat and cold stimulate your vagus nerve for profound relaxation. Please be prepared to remove makeup. Your hair will become messed during this treatment, so best not to plan anything but a return to home following this treatment.

Abdominal Massage & Visceral Manipulation:

This massage will focus entirely on the belly. We begin with large sweeping strokes to facilitate digestion and movement through the digestive system. Deeper visceral techniques for abdominal and pelvic organs and gentle vascular releases are performed as indicated. This massage is not only relaxing, but may help with GI issues including constipation, heartburn, and bloating and urogenital issues such as painful periods, menstrual cramps, incontinence, pelvic pain and non-bacterial prostatitis. You remained fully clothed during this massage, exposing only the belly from diaphragm to just below the belly button. 

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