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I currently accept cash payment only. 

I do not bill insurance.

You ARE able to use your HSA when working with me!

I am able to provide a Super Bill for Physical Therapy Services which you may submit to your insurance as an out of network medical service and you may get reimbursed or it may apply towards your deductible.


Why don't you bill insurance?

There are several reasons that I do not offer insurance billing at this time for Physical Therapy Services.

Billing insurance takes time which decreases the amount of time I have to spend with my clients.

Insurance sets rates of reimbursement that may or may not reflect the amount of work that goes into your treatment. 

Insurance often limits the amount of therapy you can receive. You and I may or may not agree with the amount of therapy your insurance company says you can have.

I feel strongly that provider and client are in charge of frequency and duration of treatment. 

Sometimes, insurance companies will not reimburse a provider for certain procedures. We find this in Women's Health because Women's Health issues are often not seen as life altering enough to require treatment to fix the issue. (But they'll cover Viagra.)

There may be a time when I decide to bill insurance because of the convenience it offers clients and the access it gives to care for people, but I have chosen to remain cash based at this time.

My services are priced lower than local in network providers at area clinics, so if you have a high deductible, often my services will be less out of pocket than in network providers.  

Can you see clients with Medicare as their primary insurance on a cash basis?

At this time, Physical Therapists do not have the option to opt out of Medicare. This means I cannot see you for Physical Therapy services where you pay cash. I must bill Medicare for your Physical Therapy. I am unable to see you for Physical Therapy if you are a Medicare beneficiary. I cannot generate a Super Bill for you if Medicare is your primary insurance.

That being said, I can see you for Wellness Services which include massage, coaching, personal training and all of the other bodywork I offer.

How do I submit my Super Bill to my insurance company?

One way is to simply call your insurance company and ask them how to submit a Super Bill. They may have specific instructions.

I am also trialing a service via an app called Reimbursify. Reimbursify allows you to easily submit your Physical Therapy Super Bill to your insurance provider. It prompts you for all the things your insurance company asks for including HCPC codes and CPT codes and diagnosis codes. It will even help you if you get denied coverage.

Most insurance companies do provide some coverage for out of network providers, typically at a 50-80% rate, so even if I don't bill your insurance company directly and I am out of network, you can expect to receive some type of reimbursement or application toward your deductible. It is best to contact your insurance company and ask what your out of network benefits for outpatient physical therapy are so that you know ahead of time. 

I only provide the Physical Therapy Super Bill. I am not able to help you submit it to your insurance company.

What services are covered as Physical Therapy and may be able to be billed to my insurance company?

Minnesota law grants Physical Therapists direct access, meaning you can walk in off the street and be seen by a PT without a physician referral for 90 days. That being said, most insurance companies require a physician referral for reimbursement. If you wish to use your out of network benefits, you are responsible for knowing what your insurance company requires for benefit use prior to scheduling with me. I am unable to look this information up for you.

I have my services listed as different types of bodywork to help you identify what sorts of issues may benefit from intervention.


I list them this way because most people don't realize that physical therapy can be helpful for headaches or sinus pain and pressure or for period pain or constipation.

With the exception of plain old massage, intuitive bodywork, chakra balancing and fertility support, all of the other services I provide may qualify as physical therapy services for which I can generate a Super Bill with PT diagnosis codes that you may then turn into your insurance company for out of network benefits.

I can see you for the same services if you are 100% out of pocket and do not want to turn anything into your insurance company. Just let me know ahead of time and I will make sure I get you the proper paperwork!

I'm not sure I understand the difference between what is Physical Therapy and what is just Bodywork?

It's a little confusing, to be sure!

The main differences between seeing me for Physical Therapy and seeing me for Bodywork is the amount of limitation you are experiencing in your life because of your issue and how you want to pay for my work.

If your problem, headaches, GI issues, hip pain, pelvic pain, etc., is limiting your abilities in any way, you are likely a PT candidate. If you can't do the things you used to be able to do because of your issue or your participation in daily activities, work or recreational tasks is limited because of your issue, you are a likely PT candidate.

If your issue is annoying or is exacerbated by stressful situations, you likely would not qualify for PT coverage.

If you would like to use your Out of Network Insurance benefits and you qualify for PT, I can see you for PT.

If you're not concerned about using your out of network benefits, you can see me for Bodywork any time.

If you're still unsure, text me at 320.292.9827 and I will return your text within 72 hours!

I can't afford to pay out of pocket for your services. Do you offer scholarships or sliding fee scale services?

I have a limited number of spots available to see women who cannot afford my full fees. 

My services are priced lower than local in network providers at area clinics, so if you have a high deductible, often my services will be less out of pocket than in network providers.  

Call or Text 320.314.YOGA for more information

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