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Period Pain Relief



From teens just starting menstruation to women who've had multiple births, pain before and during your period is a common and accepted part of being a woman. But did you know painful periods are not normal?


Pain from your period can be the result of musculoskeletal issues such as fascial restrictions that tilt your uterus or pull on an ovary. Pain can also be from heightened nervous system tension that occurs in response to stressful lives. Pain can also be the result of undiagnosed disorders including endometriosis. 


Often, when a woman has period related pain, the first thing a medical provider may want to do is put you on hormonal birth control to control your symptoms. While this may help alleviate symptoms for some women, hormonal birth control can cause other issues including blood clots and difficulty conceiving. 


Before going on hormonal birth control for cramps, I highly recommend a comprehensive assessment that includes breathing, movement, posture and organ mobility. Finding the source of your pain and fixing the issue(s) causing your pain can lead to better, more long lasting results that benefit you now and in the future.

During your Period Pain Relief Assessment, I will assess your breathing mechanics, movement and posture, your pelvic and abdominal organ mobility (all externally), fascial restrictions and nervous system tension.


Following your initial assessment, you will receive instruction and education about your menstrual cycle, how to support a healthier cycle and tools to assist with the hands on work I provide. 


While hands on work is an important part of this program, the health of your nervous system is equally important.


Nervous system care includes addressing stress and stress management techniques, helping your body come out of sympathetic fight or flight states into deeply healing parasympathetic rest and digest states.

This can be part of a comprehensive program designed to support your body's natural ability to heal.

Please inquire for more information.


Your commitment to reducing stressors and working on your stress response, in addition to performing follow up care with me and at home is imperative to healing.



60 minute Period Pain Relief Session $100

Call or Text 320.292.9827 to schedule

What to Expect:

You will remain clothed, though I will request access to your abdomen.

Yoga pants or stretchy pants and a tee shirt,

tank top or sports bra works best. 


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