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Holistic Solutions for
TMJ Pain, TMD & Headache

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This is a whole body approach to dysfunction that shows up in the face, jaw, head and neck as pain, tension, headache and difficulty chewing while targeting specific muscles via intraoral, craniosacral & myofascial techniques.



This unique program combines hands on work with video movement & self-massage instruction to put an end to jaw, face, head and neck pain while preventing future issues.



The Holistic TMJ Pain, TMD and Headache Program is 6 months in length and includes 8-12 in person bodywork sessions, 12-24 sessions of dry needling (if indicated) & unlimited access to progressive online videos to address the root causes of your pain including stress, musculoskeletal & fascial dysfunction.



Therapeutic massage, including intraoral buccal techniques, offers effective relief for TMJ pain and disorder and headache pain. By addressing the root causes of TMJ disorder and headache, the muscles both inside and outside the mouth, including the neck and upper back, it helps to improve jaw alignment, reduce discomfort, promotes relaxation, releases muscle tension, and enhances overall jaw function for long-lasting relief and improved well-being.



6 Month Holistic TMJ Pain, TMD and Headache Program

Pay In Full $3200


6 Monthly Payments of $550


12 Bi-Monthly (2x/mo) Payments of $275


24 Weekly Payments of $140



What's included in your 6 Month Holistic TMJ Pain, TMD and

Headache Program?​

  • 8-12 In Person 1.5-2 hour Bodywork Sessions including Intraoral Buccal Massage, Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Release of the whole body as needed

  • 12-24 sessions of dry needling, as indicated

  • Unlimited access to a progressive online program of exercise, self-massage, stress reduction techniques, and nervous system regulating techniques (even after you've completed the in person work!)

  • Downloadable resources to help you stay on track 

  • A dedicated Physical Therapist with 24 years+ experience to guide you in your healing journey


Schedule a call with Kirstin to learn more and discuss your specific issues or to get started by texting 320.292.9827!



Not sure if you're ready to commit to 6 months?

You can schedule a single 90 minute session to get started.

Click here to learn more.

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