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VIP Intensives

These are full or multiple day sessions where we do a deeeep dive into you, your life, your stress, your dreams, your goals, jump starting your health and wellness transformation. You'll leave your VIP Intensive with practical, tangible routines that actually fit your life, not cause you more stress by having to change everything at once.


Simple, sustainable, consistent: the golden ticket to transforming your health and wellbeing starts with knowing how you want to feel, then creating space and embodying those feelings to live a life with meaning and purpose, a life that you were meant to live.

During these Intensives, we will spend a lot of time with hands on work, addressing circulation, inflammation, lymph, organ and nerve health, as well as musculoskeletal health. I will assess your positioning, chronic holding patterns, movement patterns and tissue integrity and health. I will offer you exercise, movement, breathing, mindfulness, BodyMind Coaching and nervous system care, understanding that your capacity for change is limited by how resilient your nervous system is. We will look at stress and trauma, your window of tolerance and how large that window is. We may choose to spread our Intensives out over several months to allow your nervous system the opportunity to adjust and change and grow capacity.


There are no hard and fast rules, only that you are open to learning and committed to doing the work. 1000% committed. This is the work, the hard stuff, looking at things we may not want to look at. You may need additional support to maneuver through this. Can you feel better without going deeper? Likely, yes. Will you heal if you don't go deeper? Likely, no, not completely. It's up to you. Know that, when you are ready to DO.THE.THING, make the change and motivated to go for it, I am here to walk with you through your journey.

Think of these Intensives as a VIP Experience with the focus 100% on your healing. VIP Intensives include exclusive access to me for full day or multi-day BodyMind Coaching session, bodywork, and assessments based on your goals including:

Fertility (decreasing stress to increase your chances of conceiving,

scheduling 3 months out prior to starting to conceive with the first intensive,

then working together for the next two months)

Women's Health and Pelvic Concerns

Pain/Movement Difficulties

Stress related illness and recovery, including burn out, sleep difficulties, and digestive issues

A desire to just feel better and be the best version of yourself

Follow up care includes online coaching and check ins for a period of time indicated by your program length.

All home equipment is included along with written and/or video instruction. Contact me for more information and to arrange your

VIP Intensive at 320.314.YOGA.

What to Expect:

Prior to our In Person VIP Intensive, you will receive a detailed Intake Form that, when filled out, will help me best determine our plan of action. These questions will include a history of pain, illnesses, surgeries, broken bones, medications, physical and mental health history, stress history, current problems and goals for our time together.


Once in person, I will perform a physical examination, including a musculoskeletal assessment, blood pressure and heart rate and other vitals.


We will begin our VIP Intensive with work designed to help you establish the basis for all the work we will be doing: how you want to feel or your Core Desired Feelings. Different from your goals or values, knowing how you want to feel takes you deep into yourself and shifts your perspective on how you move through your life. When we know how we want to feel, we can make decisions and take actions that are in alignment with self and who we are at our deepest, innermost core rather than second guess ourself or create stressful situations that can leave us feeling resentful or taken advantage of. When we know how we want to feel, we know what our boundaries are, where our true purpose lies and we can become laser focused on what we want and don't want, what we tolerate and don't tolerate. Knowing how you want to feel is a powerful tool that enhances all areas of your life: work, relationships, health and wellness. 


We will then learn how to embody our Core Desired Feelings with a BodyMind Coaching Session and hands on bodywork. Your VIP Intensive also includes movement sessions, including outside movement if weather permits, and self-myofascial care and more specific health related care that is personalized for you. You will also spend some time putting pen to paper, reflecting on what you have learned. 

This a general outline of our time together because each Intensive will look different based on your needs and goals. 


Please call or text 320.314.YOGA to schedule a Discovery Call about an Intensive for you.

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