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VIP Intensives

Profound transformation can be yours with our VIP Intensive Experience,

a bespoke journey designed to recalibrate your mind, body, and spirit.



Crafted from the core of your unique wellness needs, this exclusive offering brings together

an array of curated services, expertly tailored to your personal journey.

You'll start by immersing yourself in the restorative embrace of bodywork sessions, carefully chosen to down-regulate your nervous system and usher you into a parasympathetic state. These sessions are the cornerstone of your

relaxation and healing, guiding you toward a place where true transformation can unfold.



But this experience extends beyond the massage table. You'll have dedicated 1:1 coaching sessions, providing you with

the tools and guidance to address your specific health and wellness challenges. Together, we'll map out your goals,

craft a personalized plan, and work diligently to help you achieve them.



My approach is holistic, touching on the intricate web of wellness factors. You'll have access to mindfulness practices, meditation, yoga, and an array of resources from our online library. Dive into the nurturing world of self-care with our

wellness journals, worksheets, nutrition guidelines, and delicious, healthful recipes. Every facet of your well-being

is considered, and we're here to support you every step of the way.



The VIP Intensive Experience is a transformative voyage, guided by the understanding that true wellness encompasses not only the physical but the emotional and mental realms.




It's an invitation to rediscover balance, embrace self-compassion, and embark on a

profound journey toward wholeness and well-being.




Welcome to a world of wellness and self-care like no other.


What to Expect:


Prior to our In Person VIP Intensive, you will receive a detailed Intake Form that, when filled out,

will help me best determine our plan of action. 




We will begin our VIP Intensive with work designed to help you establish the basis for all the work we will be doing: how you want to feel or your Core Desired Feelings. Different from your goals or values, knowing how you want to feel takes you deep into yourself and shifts your perspective on how you move through your life. When we know how we want to feel, we can make decisions and take actions that are in alignment with self and who we are at our deepest, innermost core rather than second guess ourself or create stressful situations that can leave us feeling resentful or taken advantage of. When we know how we want to feel, we know what our boundaries are, where our true purpose lies and we can become laser focused on what we want and don't want, what we tolerate and don't tolerate. Knowing how you want to feel is a powerful tool that enhances all areas of your life: work, relationships, health and wellness. 

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