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Stress Resilience Trainings  


For employers and organizations looking to improve employee health, morale and decrease staff turnover

On site trainings at your organization to help your staff learn:

*how chronic stress affects mental and physical health and mood
*why the nervous system gets stuck in fight or flight leading to chronic health complaints and illness
*why embodied practices are the key to managing chronic stress and facilitating biological change
*practical and effective physical practices to support better mental, emotional and physical health 

As the person in charge of your organization's talent and staff, you understand how the last several years have increased employee stress to levels never before seen.
People are balancing changes in work and home life, managing on less money with higher prices, working more hours because you're short staffed and basically hitting a wall and burning out.
And they're leaving organizations in record numbers, looking for less stress and more compensation.

As we all adjust to a new normal, employers who want to attract and retain the best and most loyal employees are having to think outside the box to offer ways to provide more of what employees need: a caring and understanding employer who values the work they do and understands the sacrifices your employees make spending all those hours away from family. 

One way to add value and show your work family that you truly do care is by offering programming that helps them while at work, as well as outside of work.

I offer in person training that combines neuroscience education that's easy to understand and practical with self-myofascial release techniques and somatic practices that address stress and its' effects in the body. These techniques are proven to improve nervous system resilience, decrease sensations of stress and tension in the body and mind and improve overall mood and health when practiced regularly. 

Trainings can be done in 4 hour, 8 hour and multi-day workshops that are a combination of didactic, kinesthetic and practical learning. Participants are provided with tools and manuals that are theirs to keep for home practice. 

Please contact Kirstin at 320.292.9827 for more information.


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