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Body & Soul Restoration: 
🌿 The Art of Self-Care One Day Retreat 🌿 

We'll dedicate our day to self-care and gratitude practices and refilling our souls

so that we enter the Season of Giving with a full heart.


Take a day, by yourself or with a girlfriend, and re-discover what it feels like to move slowly and sweetly, savoring the stretch, quieting the mind and re-connecting with that creative buzz.


No worries, no deadlines, nobody to care for but yourself. 

You deserve this. You crave this. Let's make it happen!


We'll begin the day with an hour of Easy Saturday Morning Yoga 

designed to relax and renew your body from head to toe. 


Following yoga, we'll jump into crafting our own Gratitude Journal. No worries if you don't think you're "artsy enough"! This is a simple project that everyone can do to make a beautiful journal! 

The power of giving thanks for our well-being is tremendous; it brings us out of ourselves, helps us be empathetic towards all living beings, enhances joy and self-worth and increases overall happiness and contentment. 


We'll spend time doing some guided journaling, more movement and then making some tangible action plans for bringing our plans to life. We will focus on releasing muscle tension via gentle movement, mindfulness, passive releases and a guided meditation where I will lead you through a progressive relaxation with focus on the breath. Not only will we be relaxing our muscles, but we'll be setting the stage for physiological quieting, i.e., taking our bodies from a state of fight or flight to rest and digest and learning the role of your breath in calming your mind and body. 



8:00 a.m.

Easy Saturday Morning Yoga


Crafting a Gratitude Journal




Lunch (please let me know of any dietary restrictions, allergies and/or preferences)


Guided Journaling


Guided Movement + Meditation


Designing Your Future


I hope that you will take this day and use it to refill your soul,

refresh your spirit and relax your body. You deserve it!


Included in your One Day Retreat:

Yoga, Movement + Meditation Instruction

Art Project supplies and instruction


Meditation instruction 


Body & Soul Restoration One Day Retreat 



What to Bring:

  • yoga mat (if you have one; I have some available)

  • yoga blocks (I have some available)

  • wear layers - you may feel colder during the restorative practice

  • water bottle

  • a smile and fun attitude :)


Cancellation Policy:

  • No refunds. Y

    ou may transfer your registration without penalty to other services and/or classes with Kirstin.
  • If I need to cancel the event, you will be refunded your registration 100% within 14 days of event cancellation.


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