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Pain Management





As a Physical Therapist with 23+ years experience, I've helped hundreds of people in pain and learned a lot along the way. And in those 23+ years, a lot has changed in our understanding of pain. We now realize that pain is far more complicated than "injured tissue is the cause of all pain" and we know that pain is dependent on our past experiences, our levels of stress, our beliefs about pain and injury, as well as tissue damage, inflammation and cellular chemical environment. We also know that pain is an output of the brain and is a learned behavior by our nervous system, i.e. we have a negativity bias that is designed to protect us from future threats. The bad news is that we may experience pain just by encountering a similar experience to a previous one that caused pain.

The good news is that pain can be unlearned!

So, what's the best way to manage your pain? Each of us is unique and our pain is unique. What works for one may not work for another. My philosophy on pain management and healing includes creating a deep sense of safety that allows the nervous system to down regulate and come into a parasympathetic rest + digest state where healing can take place, moving more parts of the body in more ways, addressing strength deficits, and using breath, yoga, mindfulness, meditation annd your unique story to induce healing and improved well being. 

All of the work I offer is designed to help you feel better while promoting better health and healing. If you are struggling with pain, I encourage you to reach out for more information on creating a unique and specific plan for healing!

Call or text 320.292.9827 for more information on how I can help you heal your pain

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