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Recent Musings on Things, Life, WhatNot

What a Global Pandemic has taught me (BTW, Life is not Whatnot!)

These are the (current) Foundations I am working under as I dream of how I want to serve this community:

Having good health has a lot more to do with community than I previously thought

Taking Personal responsibility for our own health is a privilege and one we can be thankful for every day

We are not guaranteed forever

It is NEVER too late to start taking care of yourself

A woman’s health affects FAR more than herself - her children, future children, partner and community rely on women being healthy

As women, we tend to be people pleasers and givers to the detriment of our own health and a lot of people think this ok

Having someone to hold us accountable is NOT a crutch or a sign of weakness; it’s how we are designed

We are social communal creatures who work best together; it is our biology

I am clear that one of my many purposes is to help women who are seeking health from within and want to transform their health and lives (i.e. not just looking to lose 10 pounds to look better in a bikini which is a different totally acceptable thing to want!)

I am calling in women who want transformation, who have learned who they are and what’s important over this past crazy year and have realized that they desire change and want someone to guide them

I am clear that there is little room or time for playing around with health and stress and disconnectedness; if we want 'better', we have to commit to 'better', but not just with our mind - we must embody our own personal 'better', we need to feel what 'better' is in our body

Everybody’s 'better' and healthier and connected-to-Self is different - I won’t tell you what to do; I will help you figure out what you want to do

No more messing around friends! It’s time to take our health seriously and commit to healing. The world doesn’t need more disconnected zombies trying to run things. The world needs more compassionate connected humans who honor and celebrate all the differences that make us humans and want to make this world a better place! More conscious beautiful souls ready to do their own work so they can stand up for what’s right and make a difference for everyone’s health.

How To Work With Me:

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