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Mysa (mee-sah) is a Swedish concept that represents a feeling of coziness, warmth, and relaxation,

similar to the Danish hygge.


It's about creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere where you can unwind, relax and enjoy the moment.


Whether it's wrapping up in a soft blanket, lighting some candles, or sipping on a warm cup of tea, Mysa is all about taking a break from the stresses of everyday life and enjoying the simple pleasures.


A spa experience that invokes mysa is one that is inviting, nurturing and

focused on providing a sense of comfort and relaxation.

It's about taking time for yourself and embracing the beauty of the present moment.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting aroma of Nordic-inspired essential oils and herbs, such as Arctic pine, Norwegian spruce, and Swedish juniper, carefully chosen to awaken your senses and promote relaxation and rejuvenation.


Our modern take on Scandinavian sauna culture incorporates the power of contrasting temperatures

with far infra red light therapy and hot packs and cold massage stones and tools,

mimicking the invigorating effects of Nordic spa and sauna rituals.

At Mysa, we offer...

Curated luxury services designed to help you






connect with yourself 

all while receiving luxurious pampering...

Good for your body

Good for your mind

Good for your soul

At Mysa, we truly believe a spa treatment is not just a physical indulgence,

but a mental, emotional and nervous system reset,

custom designed to leave you feeling renewed, rested and rejuvenated.

Spa Menu

Mysa's Signature Service: The ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation begins at your head with craniosacral therapy followed by deep tissue relaxation massage, hot stones, hot towels and a foot scrub for a full body relaxation and reset. 120 minutes $200

Ultimate Relaxation Package: This luxurious package includes a whole body exfoliation to remove dry skin and stimulate circulation, followed by a deeply moisturizing body treatment to leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. You'll then receive a relaxation massage with the use of hot stones and hot towels to melt away stress and tension. Our skilled therapists will use only the best products to provide a truly indulgent experience.

2.5 hours $300

Blissful Renewal Package: Treat yourself to the ultimate in relaxation with our Blissful Renewal Package. Begin with a soothing foot soak to ease tired feet, followed by a gentle full body exfoliation to leave your skin glowing. Next, a nourishing body wrap will hydrate your skin and leave you feeling renewed. Finally, a therapeutic massage using a warm, fragrant oil will relieve muscle tension and promote deep relaxation.

3 hours $350

Serenity Escape: Our Serenity Escape package is designed to leave you feeling calm, centered, and refreshed. Begin with a gentle body brushing to exfoliate and increase circulation, followed by a relaxing aromatherapy massage using a blend of essential oils chosen specifically for your needs. Hot stones and hot towels will be used to enhance the massage experience and help you unwind. This is an experience not to be missed.

2 hours $250


Radiant Glow: Reveal radiant, silky-smooth skin with our Radiant Glow package. Begin with a full body exfoliation to slough away dry, dull skin, followed by a warm, nourishing body wrap to hydrate and detoxify. Finish with a relaxing massage using a luxurious, hydrating body butter to leave your skin glowing and feeling silky soft.

2 hours $250

Nordic Salt Glow: This invigorating treatment starts with a dry brush exfoliation to improve circulation and remove dead skin cells, followed by a full-body application of Nordic sea salt and essential oils. The salt is then gently massaged into the skin to promote detoxification and stimulate the lymphatic system.​ Following removal of the Nordic Salt scrub with hot towels, you'll receive full body hydration with our deep moisturizing body butter.

75 minutes $150


Nordic Herbal Poultice Massage: This unique massage incorporates heated herbal poultices filled with a blend of Nordic herbs and essential oils. The poultices are used to gently massage the body, releasing tension and promoting relaxation while also providing a range of therapeutic benefits from the herbal blend.​

90 minutes $175

120 minutes $225

Nordic Light Therapy: This treatment combines the benefits of far infrared light therapy with traditional Swedish massage techniques to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and relieve muscle tension. You'll receive 15 minutes of far infra red light treatment to your front and back, followed by a deeply relaxing Swedish massage.

120 minutes (90 minute massage + 30 minutes far infra red sauna light) $250

2.5 hour (120 minute massage + 30 minute far infra red sauna light) $300

Forest Therapy Massage: This treatment combines the therapeutic benefits of a Swedish massage with the calming effects of aromatherapy. The therapist uses essential oils derived from Nordic trees, such as pine or fir, during the massage to help promote relaxation and a sense of well-being.​

90 minutes $175

120 minutes $225

Eld & Is (Fire & Ice) Massage: Our modern take on the Nordic sauna experience, this massage incorporates alternating far infrared light therapy to help promote relaxation and cold massage tools such as ice globes or chilled massage stones to help reduce inflammation and relieve muscle soreness. You'll start with 10 minutes under the far infra red sauna light while receiving craniosacral therapy to the head and neck, then a cold face mask and cold massage tools, followed by a relaxing Swedish massage under the far infra red light.

120 minutes $275

Arctic Relief Massage: This treatment involves the use of smooth, chilled stones made from natural materials to help reduce inflammation and promote circulation. The therapist will use the chilled stones during a Swedish massage to provide a cooling and soothing effect, ending with 10 minutes of far infrared light therapy on each side to help enhance the benefits of the treatment.​

120 minutes $250

Opening June, 2023!

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