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What is value? What do you value in your life? Who do you value?

A lot of people feel my services are too pricey, too much, too expensive. “Oh, I don’t think I can spend that on myself,” they say.

What I hear, “I don’t think I’m valuable enough. I value others more than I value myself.”

While we all likely have budget considerations without unlimited resources, I challenge you to examine your beliefs about what is valuable to you.

Do you see your value in your family? Do you see how much your children rely on you? Do you see how you are always the go to person at home and at work?

What is your value? If I asked your children, they’d never be able to put a price on you. Same goes with your BFF, your mother or other loved ones.

What is your value? If you are exhausted, short tempered and always on the verge of coming down with something or have a chronic illness, do you think you are no longer valuable? Quite the contrary, you have taken your value and stretched it so thin for so long that you’ve worn down. Don’t you think you deserve the kind of care you give so freely and lovingly?

Do you treat your wedding ring the same way you treat the cute, but inexpensive craft show find? Do you treat your car the same way you treat your 20 year old bike? Why would you treat the amazingness that is you any differently than the finest diamonds? When we spend our hard earned money on things we find valuable, it causes a shift in our brain that prioritizes that thing/feeling/space more than other things/feelings/spaces. When we declare “this is valuable, this is important,” we draw our line in the sand and others respect that decision and will help us find the resources to protect that thing of value.

You deserve to feel valuable in your own life. You deserve to feel amazing. You deserve your time, too. You know you feel more like you when you are connected to self, are rested.

Yep. There are seasons of life when you do give more than you ever thought possible. But if it’s been years and years since you’ve had newborns, don’t you think you could take a little break for yourself, to refuel and connect with who you are? Isn’t it time to declare your value to yourself and those around you?

When will you see the value in you? It’s a hard journey, one that is contrary to what “they” want from us (society, the patriarchy, etc etc). To value ourselves means we **might not** value them as much (them = their product, their needs, their desires). But we know, really, we know, what and who is important and when we can come back to that, back to valuing ourselves just as we are, we can **still** care about and for others, the ones we value most. We can care for and value ourSelf AND care for and value others. We are meant to do it this way. Our female brains are wired for multi-tasking. Proven fact. That when “they” don’t understand it, they can’t see it, they fear it and try to make us conform to their normal, their way. It doesn’t need to be that way. Rebel. Put up boundaries. Schedule out a few hours. Trade babysitting with a friend who gets it. There are ways and when we value ourSelf and our needs, we will prioritize them and we will get what we need: rest, connection, healing.

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