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Do you matter?

Hey friends!

When have you had enough?

When do you decide that YOU matter?

You’re important?

That giving yourself 1000% to everyone else isn’t working out for you any longer?

That being exhausted and in pain all the time isn’t adequate compensation for all of the emotional and physical work you do 24/7/365?

Yes, of course your kids matter and need and love you.

Yes, of course you’re a wife and an employee and community member who loves what she does and loves being a part of something bigger.

But when do you start taking care of yourself like you take care of everyone else?

If you listed all of the important people and things in your life right now, how far down the list would your name be? Would it even make it?

Women were made to do amazing things in this world - lead, teach, care, love.

But if you’re worn out because you feel guilty slowing down, your body WILL get the rest it needs one way or another through illness, breakdowns in relationships.... wouldn’t you rather be the one who decides when you rest and heal?

(I offer stressed-out, burnt-out women in pain + overwhelm opportunities to begin and continue on their healing journeys via hands on nervous system regulation, otherwise known as bodywork, movement instruction for nervous system regulation via improved communication with the body, and BodyMind Coaching to help put all of this together to help you heal and take charge of your health. I offer in person services in Spicer, MN and online BodyMind Coaching. Additionally, I have an online group coaching program launching this year. For more information, check my website ).

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