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Specialty Programming for Healthcare Professionals + First Responders
How burnt out exhausted  healthcare professionals like yourself benefit from working with me:

I use a neuroscience lens to address your trauma and stress. That means, I can help you get to the root of your burnout and exhaustion rather than just yelling "more self-care" at you!

I understand that trauma and stress are held in the body and that we need to take a body focused approach to helping you heal. No amount of positive self-talk or affirmations alone will fix you.

And speaking of "fixing you", I won't fix you. What I will do is offer you scientifically backed education and techniques, along with gentle, caring support, mindful coaching and effective hands on bodywork to help YOU figure out what works best for you and your life. 

As a healthcare professional myself, I understand the stress caused by the dissonance between your heart's true calling of serving others in healing and the realities of working with a more and more distrusting public, increased pressures from administration, institutions and insurance companies, working during a global pandemic short-staffed and short supplied...the list goes on.

If your body is weary and your heart is heavy, if you're wondering if or how you can go on answering your heart's calling, if you know you need to make change, but are unsure how, I would love to help you. Taking care of YOU is the most important job you have and is the only way you can continue to serve your patients the way you were meant to.  


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