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My Apologies


If you know me in person, (and hopefully as you get to know me here virtually), I think you know that I take my work very seriously. I am passionate about helping women heal: from pain, injury, chronic issues. I want all women to have access to care that is empowering and helpful and provides a lot of room for self-agency and patient directed care and allows me the room to provide all sorts of education and hands on work, where women feel like they are partnering with me rather than me directing their care, where women feel seen and heard and I hope never, ever feel dismissed or not heard. I'm not perfect and I was educated a long time ago in the manner of 'practitioner knows best' and I'm working really hard to be different as a healthcare provider and coach. I work hard to stay current on research while also learning from those in the more spiritual energy realms of healing because I know you are more than bones and muscles.

So, once again I have had to apologized to a patient on behalf of the medical community for the way a medical professional had treated her.

I apologize because far, far too often women are patronized, their complaints ignored, told their issues are all in their head, 'it's just your hormones, honey, get used to it', 'have a glass of wine', 'your problem is all in your head, you need therapy', 'you're too sensitive'...basically, it's your fault because you are female.

This isn't the first time I have apologized and I'm sure it won't be the last. Nearly every single one of my female clients has a similar story, whether I am seeing them for a pelvic floor issue or not. Dismissed and diminished by doctors. Made to feel like they were crazy because they have a somatic complaint. Gaslit.

You know what I've never had to do? Apologize to a male patient on behalf of the medical community. Their somatic complaints are generally met with 'we better figure this thing out'.

And this isn't me being sensitive or picking on men. It is an actual phenomenon in medicine with real research done by men and women researchers. Here's a link to one paper that has numerous links to more research:

I'm not here to discuss why this is a thing; I think we could go on forever about the multi-layered reasons why. What I am here for is to let you know that I am sorry you've been treated this way. I'm sorry you've been dismissed and made to feel like you're crazy or that you somehow know less about your body than a medical professional.

And. And I know that a lot of information you may have come across is biased or is used to sell a product or service, so it may not be entirely accurate. Or that what we used to think was true has been proven to not be true or not how something works. Being open to learning new things about how the body works is crucial to helping one heal. It's when we get stuck in one way of thinking that persistent problems may occur. And it's why I am such a believer in providing people with all the information I know - the more a person knows, the better their decision making capability.

So, I am sorry if you have been on the receiving end of a medical professionals' bad behavior. As a medical provider, I understand that I am in a unique position that can influence the way you feel and heal and I take that responsibility very seriously. I want you to know that I am here and I will listen to you and do my best to help you, including helping you find another provider who can serve you better. Please reach out if you are in pain and you're looking for help. I will do what I can to help you.

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