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My Philosophy​​


To empower women through knowledge, movement and awareness

To provide a space for women to relax, rejuvenate and revive their souls and bodies

To provide an environment of curiosity, teaching and learning

I Support, Nurture + Empower Women, using a trauma informed approach, through all stages of life to optimize physical + mental + emotional health with coaching, education, hands on work, whole body movement + nervous system regulation



Core Values

·       Personal Wellness                           

·       Creativity

·       Compassion

·       Learning

·       Community


Body Restoration Co. caters to individuals who are interested in preventative health care and are looking for an alternative to the traditional ‘sick care’ that our medical doctors provide. The philosophy supporting Body Restoration Co. is a center devoted to a community of women who are committed to caring for themselves, their spouses and their families and by extension for their community and world. Like ripples in a pond, I believe that when we take care of each other on a one to one basis, we become more apt to care for the community and world around us. I provide Mercier Therapy for fertility enhancement, massage therapy, physical therapy, Restorative Exercise, yoga therapy and yoga classes.  


Mission Statement

Body Restoration Co. exists to provide an alternative model to healthcare in our community, focusing on proven preventative health strategies that can help individuals stay healthy, thereby making our community healthy and lessening the burden on an already overloaded medical system. Study after study supports the value of being a part of a community, with mental, emotional and physical benefits. Caring for ourselves and caring for others results in healthier individuals, healthier families, healthier communities and a healthier world. I truly believe that when we work together, we can all make a positive difference in the world.




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