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"What we need"

Our sense of ‘what we need’ is skewed.

We’ve been told, by society, by friends, by family, that we must do more to have more.

Work harder. Grind. Do all the things.

Anything else just leads to failure.

The toxic masculine 'take what I can get and especially make sure nobody has more than me.'

More more more.

Harder faster more.

Want to feel better? Nutrition harder.

Want to look better? Workout harder.

Want to have better toys than the neighbors? Work harder.

Life in a male energy dominate culture looks like fear - 'I’m afraid of them because they are different', envy - 'I want what they have', greed - 'and I want more of it'. Exhausting.

In and of itself, the masculine energy that resides in all of us is not bad. Masculine energy typically gives us that drive, that push to set and reach goals, be productive, push through when we don’t want to.

The problem becomes when it’s not balanced with the feminine energy of flow, slower, receptive.

When we ignore the soft and worship the forceful. When we are out of balance.

This fall, I will be launching my Group Coaching Program RESTED + RESILIENT. This group coaching program is for you if you find yourself exhausted, sick, unable to do the things you want to do because you don’t have the energy.

Learning the art of rest.

Learning the art of nourishing self-care.

Learning the art of slowing down and tuning in.

Learning the art of saying no and setting boundaries on relationships and time.

Learning to listen to your wants, needs and desires.

Learning to stop following the noise by finding where the heart is.

Learning how to nourish yourSelf.

Stay tuned for more info!

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