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I've mentioned 'tiers of service' with classes and bodywork and how I want everyone to be able to access me and the information I am called to share no matter what their financial situation is. This blog, for instance, is free. And while it may seem like a random assortment of non-linear free form thinking that I've just thrown up on the page, it is actually valuable information. You will learn things if you want to. (Maybe mostly that I have a weird brain, but....!)

So here are some thoughts on how to use this information and the information gathered from however we work together for your benefit and growth.

Create a plan of intention for the work you are doing and a course of action.

If you want manual therapy rather than just a massage here and there, what is your goal? Feeling better is a great goal, but maybe there's something more like beginning to pay attention to your body's needs? Or maybe it's just a few hours away from the responsibilities of life?

Coming to yoga? What’s your goal? Even if it’s just to have fun, let’s be intentional about it.

Let’s be intentional about what we’re doing and the healing we are working on. Being intentional tells our nervous system we are paying attention and taking care of it’s needs. Being intentional and acknowledging the care we are providing Self is soothing and healing for the nervous system.

Being intentional, setting goals for healing Self, acknowledging our needs...this is how we transform from in pain, fatigued, disembodied, etc to connected to Self, less pain, better sleep, etc. I can help you look at areas of life that are difficult and how the things I do can help you get to where you want to go. We make a plan of care together that helps you meet your goals and transform. You have lots of choices - a class here and there, once a month bodywork for three months at a time or maybe it’s coaching or just classes or private or partnered movement or YTU training - what do you need?

Let's get out of the habit of 'one off appointments when I think of it' services; let's construct a true plan of transformation.

I am here to support you in your transformation.

What do you want to do?

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