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January 18, 2021

Oy. Ever have one of those days where you've just GOT to take something? I try not to, but sometimes...

Today is a day, lots of heaviness after a personal morning healing session. Headache, fatigue, yawning...I think I even fell asleep writing notes this afternoon...

Healing doesn't always look like breakthroughs and up, up, up! and feeling better.

Healing is confronting the s*** and looking at patterns and getting called out sometimes...

Healing brings up deep pain and un-remembered stuff that holds us back from reaching our full potential...

So why? Why work on healing when it makes us feel like crap sometimes? What's the point?

The point, my friends, is YOU! YOU matter! How you feel matters! You deserve a life of peace and joy and connection and it's hard to feel those things when we are consumed by anxiety or feelings of worthlessness or any of a number of other things we beat ourselves up about.

Take a breath. Place your hand on your heart, breathe into it and tell yourself "I am here".

Take good care friends.

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