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Hello beautiful people pleaser you!

Whether you people please because of trauma, conditioning, cultural or societal norms, you’ve always been the good girl, the one who always says yes, the one who always helps! You pride yourself on being the go to gal, the one who gets things done.

The one who is so tired. And numb. And becoming resentful and angry and

The one who **wishes** somebody, just once, would see her, offer their genuine help and then actually do it.

The one who wants to be, do and have it all for her kids, her family, her friends, her career.

The one who catches every little bug that goes around, has increasing pain, can’t sleep.

The one who keeps pushing, thinks “just a little more willpower”, I can do it.

The one who tries to be all and do all for everyone you love.

I get it. I’m the proverbial good girl. I have taken care of everyone and everything in my life since I can remember. Need something done? Ask Kirstin, she won’t say no. You said jump, I asked how high. How could I make your life better? Easy. I just put aside every need, desire, and feeling I had to make you happy. Not a single boundary. I believed everything they said and did everything they asked. No wonder I’m such an introvert - I had to find quiet somewhere.

Fast forward 40 years and one head injury later and here I was, a wreck, disconnected, doing all the things for everyone else and just so tired.

What would it look like to know what YOU wanted? What would it look like to be able to say no and not feel guilty? What would it look like to care for yourself first? It’s scary. I get it. But this continuous lack of care of self, lack of connection to self serves nobody. It only serves to make you angry, sick and resentful when what you really want is closer to love, connection and joy.

Who are you without the tension + constriction?

My unique coaching style blends BodyMind Coaching + movement science + trauma recovery + neuroscience to help you build strength, resilience and health. My desire is your healing, to help you figure out your stress cycle + how you want to feel + finding meaning and purpose + all the things.

Helping exhausted, burnt out women rest, heal and learn to say no to the things that don’t matter and say yes to themselves and the life they are meant to lead.

Integrating smart movement + stress recovery to help women heal. Move better, move smarter AND de-stress and heal? Yes, please!

I help you figure life out: How do you want to feel? What are your priorities? Why? What’s your purpose? Who do you say yes to and who do you say no to? (hint: yes to you and your priorities, no to everything else!) When do I do this? What do I do?

When you're ready, I'm here. It's up to you.

(I offer stressed-out, burnt-out women in pain + overwhelm opportunities to begin and continue on their healing journeys via hands on nervous system regulation, otherwise known as bodywork, movement instruction for nervous system regulation via improved communication with the body, and BodyMind Coaching to help put all of this together to help you heal and take charge of your health. I offer in person services in Spicer, MN and online BodyMind Coaching. Additionally, I have an online group coaching program launching this year. For more information, check my website

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