Bodywork not only feels good, it is good for us.

As mammals, we require healthy human touch to maintain homeostasis.

Bodywork can identify and loosen restrictions, in our tissues and nervous system,

that may be preventing our bodies from working the way they should.

Bodywork is a profound nervous system down regulator,

allowing us to physiologically relax from a stressed out state.

The more time we spend under parasympathetic nervous system control,

the more resilience we have for dealing effectively with everyday stressors.

Your body never lies + it knows what it needs, 

but sometimes it requires a little help.

That's where I come in.

I'm not your ordinary manual therapist.

I only work with women who are committed to their health + to making change.

In addition to Relaxation Massage, which helps build nervous system resilience, I offer Specialty Bodywork.


Specialty Bodywork addresses specific conditions and each session is designed to build on the previous session(s).


In general, one session will NOT be enough to offer relief or help you in any meaningful way.

I offer Specialty Bodywork with a minimum commitment of three (3) visits. 


Please read THIS first for my philosophy on working with pain.

Click below to learn about the types of Bodywork I offer!