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Bodywork Reviews


"profoundly relaxing..."

"I always thought that I needed really deep work because I was so tight, but the knots always came back. Once I started coming to see Kirstin, I discovered that the pain and tightness I had was coming from nervous system tension that made my muscles tight. When we started to address the root cause, the nervous system tension, the tightness and pain were dramatically lessened and I feel so much more relaxed, not just right after the treatment, but for weeks at a time."

" I can't believe that such light touch can do so much! I've never felt so relaxed in my life."

"I initially came in to see Kirstin for some c-section care. I knew scar work was important after my c-section and thought that the c-section scar might be a part of why my low back was hurting. What I didn't expect was how much tension I'd held in the rest of my body, including my jaw, both from my pregnancy and from the surgery. Kirstin's touch is gentle, but feels like it goes so deep, like it's really getting to the cause of my pain and tightness. Amazing!"

"I'm so relaxed during treatment, it's like I'm on another plane of existence!"

"My initial reason for seeing Kirstin was for abdominal pain and discomfort. I didn't have anything specifically wrong, just a general sense of not feeling well, bloating, tightness and gaining weight no matter what I ate. I couldn't workout like I wanted and knew stress was a big part of why I wasn't feeling well. Kirstin started at my head (listening technique- KB) and spent a lot of the first session on my head, face and neck, not really places I'd had much trouble. From there she moved to my abdomen and did some magic things (visceral manipulation - KB) before finishing at my head again. I felt relaxed, but nothing too major when I left. That night, though, I slept better than I had in years and 'cleared things out' better than I had in years the next morning. Over the next couple of days, I noticed my bloating was down and I had less tension and pain in my abdomen, too. After 2 more visits, I've noticed that I feel more relaxed, like there's more space in my body and my tummy looks smaller. I finally feel like I have some energy to workout and I'm looking forward to feeling so much better!"


What if there was a way to feel better, to sleep better, to feel less stressed out all of the time without having to go to talk therapy and rehashing the same old stuff again and again?*

What if your lack of motivation or fatigue or short temper were just signs of an overworked nervous system and not character flaws like you've always believed?

You know your pain and sleepless nights, your short temper and anxiety are related to the stress in your life. You've tried to do what the experts say, but you don't have time to sit in meditation for hours a day or you feel even more anxious after lying in savasana. You've upped your workouts, but now you're injured. You've cut out foods, but your digestion is still messed up.


When you understand that your biology is doing exactly what it's supposed to do based on the input it's been provided, you can give yourself grace; we are, after all, only human. And understanding this biology is THE KEY to not only feeling better, but actually getting better and healing.

Neuroscience informed bodywork addresses the held stress in the body - the muscle tension that never seems to dissipate, the pain that travels from place to place, the 'wired, but tired' feelings - and works to move that stress out of the body using specific gentle touch without having to relive the stressful events. 

Truly, it is life altering in the best possible way.


From hopeless to hopeful.

From stressed out to blissed out.

From tight and in pain to relaxed and mobile.

You make perfect sense and you deserve someone who understands how to work with your stressed out systems.

When you've had enough of the same old, same old and are ready to truly heal, I'd love to help you on healing journey.

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*Talk therapy is awesome and necessary for many of us to process and understand ourselves and to move forward in a healthy way. Adding neuroscience informed bodywork to your talk therapy can help you to heal even more completely.

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