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What is your biggest worry as you get older?

For most of us, it's losing our health and along with it, our independence and ability to care for ourself.

We worry about being a burden to our loved ones, limiting their life to take care of us.

We worry about the pain and expenses of being ill.

We worry about dying before we've had a chance to do all we want to do.

What if I told you that there is an actual 'Fountain of Youth'?

That getting older doesn't mean your life is automatically over?

And that better health and longevity is available to us no matter what our age?

It's not some magical elixir or incantation.

It's not a pill and it's not a cream.

It's movement.

And it's available to most of us.


It's different than exercise, but it includes exercise.

It can take place while we are still or while we move through our environment.

It happens at the cellular level and it happens at the level of the organism.


Most of us move during our days. 

But have you ever considered how much of you is moving each day?

And have you ever considered that parts of you move a lot and other parts of you move very little? 

Even if you exercise, some parts of you are performing the same movements day in and day out while other parts of you only move as you, the larger organism, move through space.


Why does the movement of parts of the organism as a whole matter?

Isn't it enough that the organism move?


And the health of the organism is only as healthy as it's parts are.

And the health of an organisms' parts is dependent, in part, on a process called mechanotransduction, "the processes through which cells sense and respond to mechanical stimuli by converting them to biochemical signals that elicit specific cellular responses" (read more here).



These biochemical signals help the cell to do it's job correctly.

A healthy cell does it's job correctly.

This keeps the organ healthy which, in turn, keeps the organism healthy.

An unhealthy cell doesn't do it's job correctly.

It may die or cause abnormal protein manufacturing or make too much or not enough. 

When enough cells don't do their job correctly, disease in the organ shows up. 

Diabetes. Heart disease. Alzheimers'. Osteoarthritis. Cancer. Ageing.


As we consider our health and the way in which we age, let's not get stuck in worrying about genetics and how we can't do this and we can't do that and we're doomed to be in pain for.ever. how our mother had this and our father had that and our aunt died this way and our grandpa died young and so I'm doomed.

Let's begin to look at how we can affect our health.

Let's begin to notice how our thinking is an important piece of our health.

Let's begin to take responsibility for our health through our own self-agency.

Let's look at the pieces of our health that we can control.

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can use together, but below is a coaching container and above maybe more a newsletter???

also a newletter idea - the journey to better health IS all about the journey - there is no perfect health, it is all the journey 

Join me on my Signature Program, The Journey to Better Health.

In my Signature Program, I guide you to the best version of yourSelf.

We utilize my Signature Coaching Tools, exclusive video content, specific movement instruction,

and soft tissue work to help you find and keep Better Health.

Working together, we address your specific ageing concerns and how moving more may facilitate Better Health.

We tap into your aspirations and desires and use them to help you set goals that ignite your soul. 

We will work together to help you come home to your heart and body, crafting a relationship to self that you've been craving all your life (but probably didn't even know you needed!).

You have worked hard all of your life.

You have always helped everyone else out first.

You've raised incredible humans, had a fulfilling career, loved a lot of people.

When was the last time you took care of yourself?

When was the last time you put you first?

Isn't it time to consider how you want the rest of your life to be?

Dancing into your Golden Years. Playing with your grandchildren. Doing the things you love for as long as you can.

It's all possible.

Growing older is inevitable

But getting old is optional.

Let's work together to create the future that's important to you.


Why don't you bill insurance?

There are several reasons that I do not offer insurance billing at this time for Physical Therapy Services.

Billing insurance takes time which decreases the amount of time I have to spend with my clients.

Insurance sets rates of reimbursement that may or may not reflect the amount of work that goes into your treatment. 

Insurance often limits the amount of therapy you can receive. You and I may or may not agree with the amount of therapy your insurance company says you can have.

I feel strongly that provider and client are in charge of frequency and duration of treatment. 

Sometimes, insurance companies will not reimburse a provider for certain procedures. We find this in Women's Health because Women's Health issues are often not seen as life altering enough to require treatment to fix the issue. (But they'll cover Viagra.)

There may be a time when I decide to bill insurance because of the convienence it offers clients and the access it gives to care for people, but I have chosen to remain cash based at this time.

My services are priced lower than local in network providers at area clinics, so if you have a high deductible, often my services will be less out of pocket than in network providers.  

Can you see clients with Medicare as their primary insurance on a cash basis?

At this time, Physical Therapists do not have the option to opt out of Medicare. This means I cannot see you for Physical Therapy services where you pay cash. I must bill Medicare for your Physical Therapy. I am unable to see you for Physical Therapy if you are a Medicare beneficiary.

That being said, I can see you for Wellness Services which include massage, coaching, personal training and all of the other bodywork I offer.

I can't afford to pay out of pocket for your services. Do you offer scholarships or sliding fee scale services?

I have a limited number of spots available to see women who cannot afford my full fees. 

My services are priced lower than local in network providers at area clinics, so if you have a high deductible, often my services will be less out of pocket than in network providers.  

Call 320.354.YOGA for more information

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