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Coming Home

A gentle 6 week introductory group program designed to get you out of your head and into your body, developing the bodily strength and mobility your nervous system needs to trust your intuition, reach meaningful goals and find your purpose.


This series is perfect for you if:

  • you’re struggling with indecision in any area of your life

  • you feel numb or disconnected from your emotions or body

  • you want to gain strength and mobility, but are unsure where to start

  • you have goals and dreams, but feel scattered

  • you're curious about how coaching may help you and want a trustworthy first coaching experience 



Register here for individual workshops or the full series

Week 1:

Saturday, February 26, 9:00-12:00 CST

You Have to Feel It to Believe It


Simply having a goal often isn’t enough; we can easily talk ourselves out of the work it may take to reach a goal. When we connect with the language of our feelings, identifying important core beliefs to govern our life, we find that we naturally gravitate towards behaviors and actions that easily take us in the direction of our goals and dreams. In this multi-houred workshop, you’ll learn how you want to feel in order to set goals that motivate you.


Drop In Price: $97

Week 2:

Monday, March 7, 6:30-7:45 CST

Befriend Your Nervous System

For many of us, we’ve learned to block what our body is telling us because it is painful. This week, we focus on learning simple stress relieving techniques in a slow, steady manner that create safety in our nervous system, a necessary requirement for healing and moving forward.

Drop In Price: $67




Week 3:

Monday, March 14, 6:30-7:45 CST

Five Essential Moves

How does developing strength and mobility help us connect with ourself and find our life’s purpose? Why is a regular movement practice essential to helping us reach our goals? Five targeted moves to help mobilize and strengthen the body for improving function and jumpstarting healing.

Drop In Price: $67




Week 4:

Monday, March 21, 6:30-7:45 CST



Much like the hearth in old homes, your pelvis is the center of your bodily home. Disconnection from center is disconnection from ourself. This week, we will learn to gently connect to our centers, grounding ourself in the wisdom and creativity a strong, supportive, connected pelvis provides.


Drop In Price: $67




Week 5:

Monday, March 28, 6:30-7:45 CST



Hitting a “certain age” often comes with less balance, a fear of injury and falling and may eventually lead to living a smaller, less exploratory life that can lead to isolation and depression. This week, we will learn a few more ways to mindfully build and connect with a strong mobile body, focusing on anti-aging moves.


Drop In Price: $67




Week 6:

Monday, April 4, 6:30-7:45 CST

Putting It All Together: Begin To Uncover How To Live YOUR Purpose


Week 6 is about bringing all of our new knowledge together to begin to uncover our purpose. We’ve decided how we want to feel, we’ve connected with our bodies and began strengthening our bodies for improving our nervous systems’ safety. Now we begin to learn how to listen to our body, connect with our intuition and establish a Body Mind Dialogue. Creating this BodyMind connection is key to uniting with our true Self and disconnecting from the world’s expectations.


Drop In Price: $67


You may purchase each session separately or purchase all 6 in the series for $367, a savings of $65! While I am allowing people to enroll in single classes, I do recommend that you complete the entire series as each week’s topic builds on the previous week’s lesson. 

Register here for individual workshops or the full series


Where will the workshops be held?

Workshops are held online via Zoom. Prior to the date of the workshop, you will be emailed a link.

What if I can't make it live?

Each workshop will be recorded and a link to the workshop will be sent to you following the live event. You will have 30 days to download the workshop/save it to your computer and then you can watch it at any time.

Are there supplemental materials included?

You will be sent a link to written materials to supplement the live workshops ahead of time. You may choose to print them ahead of time, if you'd like.

Do I need to buy equipment?

I will send an equipment list ahead of time. As a head's up, a yoga mat, yoga strap and block are nice to have, but not necessary. You will need a Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball or a tennis ball.

Will this workshop series be offered again in the future?

This is a beginner, introductory series to group coaching and lays the foundation for future, more in depth programs. It is likely I will continue to offer this series, albeit in a revised form as I learn more from you. 

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