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Exhausted? Burnt Out? In Pain?
Short tempered? Can't sleep? Gaining weight?

Living a life that doesn't feel like your own?

When you understand why your body is stuck in fight or flight and never has a chance to rest and repair, you stop blaming yourself for a lack of willpower and start working with your biology to heal and optimize your health. 



Using research backed neuroscience techniques, I help people just like you feel better, sleep better and perform better.

Start your transformation to better physical, mental + emotional health.


Please reach out via text to 320.292.9827  

to schedule your appointment or for other questions


"I always thought that I needed really deep work because I was so tight, but the knots always came back. Once I started coming to see Kirstin, I discovered that the pain and tightness I had was coming from nervous system tension that made my muscles tight. When we started to address the root cause, the nervous system tension, the tightness and pain were dramatically lessened and I feel so much more relaxed, not just right after the treatment, but for weeks at a time."

—  Anonymous, Spicer

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