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Who Are YOU?

What makes you YOU?

Who were you before “they” told you who to be?

If you were 100% able to be you, who would you be?

No stigma no judgement no worries...

Who would you be?

What keeps you where you are now?

Who tells you should and shouldn’t?

Who are you afraid of?

If you examine those fears, what’s behind them?

A need for acceptance and safety.

A need to belong.

It is literally the way we are wired.

We are social creatures and we need each other, but the need for conformity stifles so many of us.

The need to fit in and do the right thing keeps us from being what we were meant to be.

Who we are.

It makes sense that, as a child, you had to fit in, conform, not stand out too much, be small.

You relied on adults to literally keep you alive.

So we practice conformity and sameness and keeping ourSelf small so we survive.

It becomes easy.

It’s just “who we are”.

But when you find yourself sad, angry, resentful. In pain, unwell or with illness that nobody can put a finger on “why”, maybe, just maybe it has to do with living their life instead of yours.

Maybe you’ve denied yourself for so long that your body rebels and tries to shed the shackles of conformity and sameness and nice and small.

As we grow and become able to provide for our own safety, those well worn pathways we adopted as children are hard to overcome, outgrow.

But when you find yourself wondering again if this is it, if this is all life has to offer, if you’re destined to be angry and in pain forever, remember you CAN choose different.

You don’t HAVE to be the same any longer.

It’s not the easy path.

It may break a few things in your life.

But coming home to yourSelf is priceless beyond measure and the only way to fix what’s broken on the inside.

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