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Acute Pain Management/Emergency Physical Therapy Services





For acute pain, I now offer an Emergency Physical Therapy, or EPT, service! EPT services are for recent increases in pain due to muscle spasms, a sprain or strain, or exacerbation or flare of a chronic issue.


This is NOT a substitute for emergency care and if you have a recent injury that you think could be a break or involve more than moderate tissue injury, I request that you seek appropriate medical care.

How It Works:

Upon approval of an appointment*, I will schedule you within 24 hours** for an assessment and treatment that may include hands on bodywork, CBD pain relieving treatment, manual lymph drainage, and/or kinesiotaping as appropriate, along with instruction in any movement that may promote healing and pain relief.

*appointment approval - please fill out the linked form and if I feel I am able to appropriately assist you, I will schedule an appointment

**24 hours is M-F, special circumstances for weekend appointments may be made

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