Full Body Stretch

Bodywork not only feels good, it is good for us.

As mammals, we require healthy human touch to maintain homeostasis.

Bodywork can identify and loosen restrictions, in our tissues and nervous system,

that may be preventing our bodies from working the way they should.

Bodywork is a profound nervous system down regulator,

allowing us to physiologically relax from a stressed out state.

The more time we spend under parasympathetic nervous system control,

the more resilience we have for dealing effectively with everyday stressors.

Your body never lies + it knows what it needs, 

but sometimes it requires a little help.

That's where I come in.

With 20+ years of experience as a Physical Therapist, I've developed a Full Body Stretch program that addresses all the common tight areas in the body that can limit our ability to move around and may be contributing to out everyday pains. 

I'm not your ordinary manual therapist.

I only work with women who are committed to their health + to making change.

I do not offer single sessions any longer as I believe

change can only happen with time + your wholehearted commitment.


120 minute Full Body Stretch Sessions

$225/session includes a $25 travel fee 

$795 total

I am currently offering IN HOME Sessions only within 25 miles of New London. 

What to Expect:

I will set my table up in your home, preferably in a warm, quiet area where you are comfortable. It is best if your house is quiet. I will do an energy cleansing of your space and my table with an essential oil blend. You will remain clothed, though I may request access to your skin. Ideal is leggings and a tank top, though loose fitting clothing also works. I will begin at your feet and, using a combination of passive stretching, soft tissue manipulation and Thai bodywork techniques, I will work my way from joint to joint all the way up to your head! You will start by lying on your back, roll to your stomach, sit up on the end of the table and end by lying flat again. You will feel as if you've had a workout AND a massage! 


Is it safe to receive bodywork during the Covid-19 pandemic?

As a frontline healthcare worker, I have received my covid-19 vaccinations. Additionally, I adhere to all public health guidelines including wearing an N-95 mask, washing + sanitizing my hands frequently, and monitoring my temperature and health daily. I also work hard to keep myself healthy with nutrition, vitamins, exercise, fresh air and sunshine!

Your work is kind of expensive, isn't it?

It's so easy to look at a number and think "that's way too much", but I invite you to consider the costs associated with not dealing with your body aches, pains, stiffness and stress. When we think of aging, we often remember friends and family who have had joints replaced or lost mobility as they aged. We may recall that our friend or family member had a drastic reduction in their mobility and their life became smaller and smaller as they lost more and more mobility. 

As we consider our own aging, I think most us wish to live a long, healthy life where we can be active with and in our children's and grandchildren's lives. In fact, most of us would consider these goals priceless. At some point, we need to make the hard choices and commit to taking care of our health and ourselves, commit to healing and do the work. I'm here to help you! 

Is there a payment plan available?

I believe that everyone should have access to hands on bodywork and I don't want finances to stand in the way of your health. I am able to set up automatic payments on a bi-weekly or monthly schedule. 

Why do I have to commit to 3 or 6 sessions? I only see a massage therapist when I feel I need it;

what's different with this work?

This Full Body Stretch is a part of a larger program you are investing in for your health. Physical change in our tissues and nervous system change only occur with repetition and consistency. In between sessions (I recommend 7-10 days), your body is resetting and adjusting to the changes it made during the previous session. I typically see the best results when we work together a minimum of 3 times - this allows for enough change that you notice a difference and allows your nervous system to integrate that change. Following the first 3 sessions, I invite your body to a longer reset time (2-4 weeks) and then, if you're interested, we can continue with another 3 sessions. In between our in person sessions, I invite you to spend ~15 minutes each day working on your own mobility with the tools I provide including a Yoga Tune Up® Coregeous Ball, a foam dome and personal mobility videos. In person Personal Training sessions are also available.

This sounds great! I think my husband would also benefit from it. Can you see him, too?

I agree! Men typically have more stiffness and most men would find a Full Body Stretch more comfortable than receiving a massage. I am happy to see your husband/partner when you are at home. I do not see male clients in home alone. 

Please fill out this Inquiry Form and once I review it, we can schedule from there!