BodyMind Coaching

Powerful coaching conversations + embodied practices to help you heal the habits around managing your daily stress.

Your stress is killing you.

Chronic disconnection from self is killing you.

Not living the life you were meant to live is killing you.


You're short with people, you don't sleep well + you're resentful.

You're in pain, you're angry + it's not getting any better.

Is this all that life has to offer?

It sounds so dramatic, but it is so very real.

Your biology is designed to keep you safe.

But sometimes 'safe' isn't healthy.

Our nervous system fights change.

Ever wonder why it's so hard to break habits?

Your neural pathways are well worn + easy.

And willing your way to health doesn't work.

You know that.

Change happens with awareness.

Change happens with a feeling.

Change happens with embodied presence.

Change happens in the pause.

BodyMind Coaching + embodied practices such as yoga, meditation, breathwork + bodywork

work together to facilitate change because we work in the body + with the body.


Once you learn how to listen to your body, magic happens.

You sleep better.

You feel less anxiety.

You feel more connected to self + loved ones + humanity.

You honor your boundaries.

You make yourself a priority.

We've all heard "you can't fill from an empty cup."

What would it feel like to put yourself first?

What could happen if you let go of self-doubt + 

came home to yourself?

What magic could happen if you were you again?

I only work with women who are 1000% committed to making change happen.


Transformation happens in the moment of decision + commitment.

Are you ready to commit?

Please fill out this form for your application to work with me. Once I have reviewed it, I will contact you to set up a phone call to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Now available Virtually via Zoom 



What is coaching?

We're all familiar with athletic coaches - people who help other people become better athletes. These people have had training and experience in the sports they coach and have first hand knowledge about how to help others become better at what they do.

Life Coaching, in general, is the same thing; Life Coaches help people become better at life, better versions of who they are.

What is different about BodyMind Coaching vs Life Coaching?

There are many different kinds of Life Coaches ~ mindset coaches, business coaches, spiritual coaches. The list goes on and on! I'm a BodyMind Coach. What makes me different is the importance I place on the role your body, and nervous system in particular, plays in our coaching sessions.

Coaching involves a curiosity and a willingness on your part to believe you can show up in the world differently and more authentically, more true to your Self. It involves tuning into what you will no longer put up with, what you're ready to let go of or shift in order to open yourself to more joy, more connection and better health.

Often, a person who seeks Coaching has had some sort of reckoning or revelation that has made them question parts of their life or opened their eyes to a new way of being in the world. They see another path, one that veers slightly from the path they have been on, one that seems more aligned to the person they are at their deepest core, but they aren't quite sure how to get there.

That's where Coaching comes in. I help guide you towards your homecomeing to Self by asking you questions and helping you learn how to listen to your body which truly holds the answers to the questions you are asking. I help you discover your core desired feelings, as Danielle LaPorte calls them, and and values and how to use these to guide you. I help you find Yes and No in your body, tapping into your innate intuition. I help you combine your CDFs and your intuition to help you set your course towards your True North. And I help you do this by using your nervous system to your advantage.


Through a carefully crafted sequence of questions and conversation, interspersed with parasympathetic nervous system induction, we create real felt change in your body and nervous system. With continued practice, we lay new neural pathways that become new behaviors. And new behaviors become new habits and new ways of being that align with your true inner Self, helping you become the best versions of you.

How is coaching different from therapy?

BodyMind Coaching, then, is different than therapy because we focus forward and on creating change in our nervous system and body that lead to new habits and behaviors with how we interact and are in the world. We don't focus on fixing problems or talking about the past as much as we look to create a truer, more authentic connection to Self. While some therapy has elements of coaching in it, coaching should not be about analyzing the past or discussing diagnoses.

Coaching is always focused on helping you take aligned action towards your goals.

Your work is kind of expensive, isn't it?

It's so easy to look at a number and think "that's way too much", but I invite you to consider the costs associated with not dealing with your stress. We know that heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the U.S. and science has shown over and over again that stress is a leading contributor to heart disease. Reducing your stress can be helpful then in reducing your risk for heart disease and of course a myriad of other diseases which over time, and especially as we age, limit our abilities, shorten our lifespan and cost us a lot more than money (which can also be substantial!).

When we think of aging, I think most us wish to live a long, healthy life where we can be active with and in our children's and grandchildren's lives. In fact, most of us would consider these goals priceless. At some point, we need to make the hard choices and commit to taking care of our health and ourselves, commit to healing and do the work. I'm here to help you! 

Is there a payment plan available?

I believe that everyone should have access to coaching, it is that powerful and I don't want finances to stand in the way of your health. I am able to set up automatic payments on a bi-weekly or monthly schedule. 

How does a coaching program work?

When you and I talk about whether coaching is an appropiate next step for you, we will discuss the Coaching Container. A Coaching Container is our specific agreement of how we will work with each other. It is generally a 3-6 month agreement to work on your goals with my support. You may have a very specific goal that you would like to accomplish within our Coaching Container or you may just have a general idea that you'd like to make changes in your life.


Whatever the case, the Coaching Container is special because you have a dedicated guide with you every step of the way. I am your biggest cheerleader, your fiercest protector, your advocate, your accountability holder.


I will ask you the hard questions. I will ask that you talk to parts of you and feel parts of you that you haven't listened to or felt in maybe decades. You may discover some parts of you that you don't like. I know you'll find forgotten parts of you that you will fiercely love. And I will help you tap into your deepest SELF and come home to who YOU are. 

Practically, we generally meet every other week for 1.5-2 hours, either in person or virtually. You will come prepared with a topic or question you would like to discuss (don't worry! I have guidelines and jumping off points!)


We will engage in a coaching conversation, where I will ask specific questions designed to steer you towards the answers within yourself. When we reach a certain point in the conversation, we will move into the parasympathetic nervous system induction part of the session. What this means, really, is that we will invoke a relaxation response in your body through bodywork if we meet in person or through other means such as guided meditation, breathwork, visualizations, yoga, energy work ~ whatever we have previously discussed as modes of relaxation you'd like to explore.


Following this, we discuss your experience and what you learned. You will receive some type of homework that helps you take aligned action toward your goal(s).


On the in between weeks, we will meet via Zoom for a 30 minute chat about any questions you may have, how things are going, and I offer whatever support I can to help you take aligned action. 

Where growth occurs is in the steps you take in between our sessions. This is the practice that builds the neural pathways that allow you to change your behaviors and habits, thereby creating new ways of being in the world. When you show up and do the work, YOU can be, do, become anything you want! But you have to do the work which is why I only work with women who are 1000% committed to their journey!


Are you excited about the possibilities that await you??!!

I know I am excited to help you discover who were meant to be! 

Please fill out this form for your application to work with me.

Once I have reviewed it, I will contact you to set up a phone call to see if we are a good fit to work together.