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Craniosacral + Myofascial Bodywork

Abdominal Massage

Hips Intensives for Athletes

Lymphatic Massage

Chakra Balancing


You have taken the first step to transforming your life!

You may be thinking to yourself "but I just want some physical therapy or bodywork; I'm not sure that needs to be celebrated?" 

But here's why I think it's worth celebrating:

You are taking care of yourSelf.

In a world that wants us to be selfless and compliant and afraid, you are claiming your right to see yourself differently than the way you are now.

You have a vision for how you want to be in this world.

Even if it's "only" to be in less pain or to move better or stop feeling crummy all the time.

It matters.

It all matters.

So, I invite you.

I invite you back to Self.

I invite you back to softness and breath and space.

I invite you to find who you are and what you want in this life.

I invite you to BE.

Whatever your circumstances, if you are committed to yourSelf, I will do what I can to help you.

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