Intuitive Bodywork

Bodywork not only feels good, it is good for us.

As mammals, we require healthy human touch to maintain homeostasis.

Body work can identify and loosen restrictions, in our tissues and nervous system,

that may be preventing our bodies from working the way they should.

Bodywork is a profound nervous system down regulator,

allowing us to physiologically relax from a stressed out state.

The more time we spend under parasympathetic nervous system control,

the more resilience we have for dealing effectively with everyday stressors.

Your body never lies + it knows what it needs, 

but sometimes it requires a little help.

That's where I come in.

As an Intuitive Bodyworker, I listen + respond to what your body tells me.

When I place my hands on your head, your body energy pulls me in the direction it needs my help. 

I listen + I offer support. Your body does the healing. 

I'm not your ordinary massage therapist.

I only work with women who are committed to their health + to making change.

I do not offer single sessions any longer as I believe

change can only happen with time + your wholehearted commitment.



3 - 120 minute Intuitive Bodywork Sessions

6 - 120 minute Intuitive Bodywork Sessions

When you purchase 3 - 120 minute Sessions,

you will receive a complimentary BodyMind Coaching Session.

When you purchase 6 - 120 minute Bodywork Sessions,

you will receive two complimentary BodyMind Coaching Sessions.

What to Expect:

You will remain clothed, though I may request access to your skin, so please wear loose fitting clothing. I will ask some questions about your pain/stress/struggles at the beginning of the session, but will allow your body to guide me to where it needs my help. This may be near a site of pain or it may be quite removed from where you perceive the trouble to be. I may be guided to your viscera (organs), to nerves, or to energy surrounding your body. Sometimes the energy I am drawn to is yours, sometimes the energy you are holding onto belongs to someone else. Oftentimes, I am led to clearing unneeded energy from your body. 

Feel free to call to schedule your first 3 sessions at 320.354.YOGA.

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